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Agriculture, Fertiliser and Crop Nutrition is a lively subject of every day importance to every person. It is behind whatever appears on your dinning table and then disappears inside you. Let us salute the global farmer who puts all this together with his hard work, nature's endowments, modern inputs and skills which have been made available by science and common sence-

A Farmer's Wish

O God !
Give my plants a decent home
Which the Doctors call loam
I dont need too much sand
There everything goes out of hand
And if there is too much clay
Nutrients move slow and uptake's delayed
A good mix of sand, silt and clay
Is all for which to you I pray
Oh yes, one more small matter
Be liberal with organic matter
Make the soil profile fairly deep
Lots of water which can keep
I promise to take care of my soil
Wont let it erode or otherwise spoil
I will handle it with care
And will never leave it bare
I want top yields and high return too
And year after year may this come true
Good inputs and sound advice I need
To sow and reap the wonder seeds
When I need the specialist's advice
Just tell him to be simple and nice


- HLS Tandon
Fertiliser Guide, FDCO, New Delhi, 1992