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Fertiliser Management - balance- efficiency- profitablity

Edited by Dr. HLS Tandon


  • Introduction ad Scope
  • Plant Nutrients: Their Role, Uptake and Removal by Crops
  • Soils: Their Composition, Properties and Fertility Status
  • Fertilisers: Their Composition and Characteristics
  • Fertilisers: Their Transformation in Soils & Application Aspects
  • Formulation of Fertiliser Recommendations
  • Impact of Fertiliser Application on Crop Yields
  • Product Selection and Efficient Fertiliser Management
  • Economics of Fertiliser Use
  • Fertiliser Production and Consumption
  • Fertiliser Quality Aspects
  • Fertiliser Promotion, Marketing & Distribution
  • Fertiliser Calculations and Conversion Factors
  • References and Other Sources of Information
ISBN: 81-85116-67-9 (2012)
Price In India: Rs. 500
Outside India: US$60

COMPOST HANDBOOK - research-  production -application

by Drs. MC Manna, A. Subba Rao, Asha Sahu and UB Singh
Edited by Dr. HLS Tandon

  • Introduction and Scope
  • Organic wastes: Their Sources, Nutrient Concentration and Suitability for Composting
  • Methods of Composting in India and Abroad
  • Factors Affecting Composting Process
  • Structural and Functional Diversity of Microorganisms Involved in composting
  • Enrichment of Composts and technologies for Accelerating Composting
  • Composition, Quality and Quality Standards of
  • Methods of Compost Analysis
  • Impact of Compost on Crop Productivity and Soil Health
  • Research and Development Needs
  • References
  • Appendices
  • Conversion Factors, Acronyms
  • Glossary

ISBN: 81-85116-65-2 (2012)
Price In India: Rs. 600
Outside India: US$60




A practically usable, research based, multi-faceted account of the subject by authors who can diagnose and treat soil health
Edited by Dr. HLS Tandon


  • Management of Soil Physical Health
  • Management of Soil Chemical Health: Fertility Aspects
  • Management of Soil Biological Health
  • Soil Health Management Under Rice-Wheat Cropping Systems
  • Soil Health Management in Rainfed-Dryland Areas:
  • Soil Health Management in Acid Soils
  • Environmental Aspects of Soil Health Management
  • Soil Health Management at Farm Level
ISBN: 81-85116-66-0 (2014)
Price In India: Rs. 600
Outside India: US$60



SOIL TESTING for Balanced Fertilisation -Technology-application-problems-solutions

A practically usable, research based, multi-faceted account of soil
testing by authors with extended valuable experience in the subject

Edited by Dr. HLS Tandon


  • Introduction and Scope
  • Various Methodologies for Formulating   Soil Test-Based Fertiliser  Recommendations
  • GIS in Soil Fertility Evaluation for Making Fertiliser Recommendations
  • Soil Test Based Fertiliser Recommendations for Varying     Investment Capabilities
  • Soil and Plant Testing in Nutrient Management in Perennial Horticultural Crops
  • Soil Testing: Rejuvenating an Under-utilised Technology for Balanced Fertilisation
  • Government-Sponsored Programs and Initiatives for Strengthening Soil Testing
  • Soil Test Based Fertiliser Recommendations: - Experience in West Bengal
  • Soil Testing for Balanced and Efficient Fertiliser Use – Zuari's Experience  
  • Instruments in Soil Fertility Research and Soil Testing: Principles and Application

Must for all those who are interested in and engaged in soil testing (i) for making site specific fertilizer recommendations for different soils and crops for facilitating balanced and efficient fertilizer application and efficient nutrient use, (ii) for assessing soil chemical health (iii) for periodically monitoring changes in soil fertility, (iv) for diagnosis of soil constraints such as acidity, salinity, alkalinity, toxicities etc, (iv) for developing area-wise soil fertility maps..

ISBN: 81-85116-69-5 (2014)
Price In India: Rs. 600
Outside India: US$60