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Their Composition, Characteristics, Quality, Transformations & Applications
by Dr. HLS Tandon

A source book of about 100 conventional and speciality fertilizers describing their composition, characteristics, quality, transformations & applications.

Fertilisers included :

  • All plant nutrients (major and micro)
  • Conventional straight and complex fertilizers
  • Speciality fertilizers and 100% WS fertilisers
  • Micronutrient salts, chelates, multimicronutrients
  • Fortified fertilizers
  • Liquid fertilizers

Specially prepared for industry executives, students, teachers, extension officers, KVK’s, entrepreneures,  consultants, marketing personnel and R&D centers.

ISBN: 81-85116-57-1(2018)
Price In India: Rs. 500
Outside India: US$60

Biofertilisers and Organic Fertilisers -

a sourcebook cum directory

by Dr. HLS Tandon (2011)

Bio & Organic Fertilisers – an Overview; Production of Bio and Organic Fertilisers; Quality Standards of Bio and Organic Fertilisers; Directory of Producers &Technology Providers;
R&D Organisations; Certification Bodies for Organic Production; References , Index

Must for producers of biofertilisers and organic fertilizers, entrepreneurs, waste recycling, fortification of composts, cane & plantation managers, microbiologists,    students, teachers organic farmers,training centers, KVKs: consultants, staff of agriculture and horticulture departments, & quality assessment laboratories, Staff of NFSM, NHM.

ISBN: 81-85116-63-6 (2011)
Price In India: Rs. 500
Outside India: US$60

Sulphur in Soils, Crops & Fertilisers-

from research to practical application

by Dr. HLS Tandon (2011)

Topics Covered :
  • Role in Plants and DeficiencySymptoms;
  • Sulphur in Soils & Areas of S Deficiency
  • Sulphur Requirement & Uptake by Crops
  • Effect of Sulphur on Crop Yield & Quality
  • Interactions of Sulphur with Other Nutrients
  • Impact of Continuous Cropping Without Sulphur
  • Economics of Sulphur Application
  • Sulphur Containing Fertilisers
  • Additions, Removal and Balace sheet of Sulphur
  • Sulphur  Management & Recommendations
  • References, Appendices, Tables, Diagrams

Must for all those interested in balanced crop nutrition. Marketing staff of the sulphur fertiliser industry, Officers of the agriculture/horticulture deptts, students, teachers, researchers, soil-plant-fertiliser analysis labs, consultants, KVKs, training centers, plantation managers.

ISBN: : 81-85116-62-8 (2011)
Price In India: Rs. 500
Outside India: US$60

Soil Fertility, Fertilisers & INM

a dictionary beyond definitions (2011)

by Dr. HLS Tandon

Definitions, explanations with examples of important terms in soil fertility, fertilizer management, trade,INM covering all plant nutrients, conventional fertilisers, micronutrients, speciality fertilisers, organics biofertilisers. Text, tables and diagrams.

Must for all those interested in soil & integrated nutrient management, Executives of the fertilizer industry, producers of organic/biofertilizers, composts, waste recycling,  farm advisory staff, NGOs, Officers of the state departments of agriculture and horticulture, students, teachers, researchers, soil-plant-fertiliser analysis labs, consultants, KVKs, training centers.

ISBN:81-85116-59-8 (2011)
Price In India: Rs. 400
Outside India: US$60

Fertilizers in Indian Agriculture

from 20th to 21st century.
by Dr. HLS Tandon

  • Introduction and Scope
  • Soil, Climate, Water, Plant & Human Resources
  • The Agricultural Scenario
  • Plant Nutrients and Fertilizers (Macro-Micro)
  • Nutrient Deficiencies in Soils (Macro-Micro)
  • Fertilizers and Agricultural Production
  • Nutrient Uptake, Removal and Balance sheet
  • Fertilizer Production and Imports
  • Fertilizer Consumption
  • Fertilizer Marketing and Credit
  • Fertilizer Legislation and Quality Control
  • Economics of Fertilizer Use
  • Promotion, Extension & Advisory Services
  • Fertilizer Policies, Pricing and Subsidies References
           For A Short History of Fertilisers - Click Here
ISBN: 81-85116-52-0 (2004)
Price In India: Rs. 500
Outside India: US$95

COMPOST HANDBOOK - research-  production -application

by Drs. MC Manna, A. Subba Rao, Asha Sahu and UB Singh
Edited by Dr. HLS Tandon

  • Introduction and Scope
  • Organic wastes: Their Sources, Nutrient Concentration and Suitability for Composting
  • Methods of Composting in India and Abroad
  • Factors Affecting Composting Process
  • Structural and Functional Diversity of Microorganisms Involved in composting
  • Enrichment of Composts and technologies for Accelerating Composting
  • Composition, Quality and Quality Standards of
  • Methods of Compost Analysis
  • Impact of Compost on Crop Productivity and Soil Health
  • Research and Development Needs
  • References
  • Appendices
  • Conversion Factors, Acronyms
  • Glossary

ISBN: 81-85116-65-2 (2012)
Price In India: Rs. 600
Outside India: US$60



Methods of Analysis of Soils, Plants, Waters, Fertilisers and Organic Manures

Edited by Dr. HLS Tandon

  • Nutrients in Soils, Plants, Waters and Fertilizers.
  • Analysis of Soils for Available Major Nutrients.
  • Soil Analysis for Available Micronutrients.
  • Analysis of Plants Materials for Macro and Micronutrients.
  • Analysis of Irrigation Waters.
  • Analysis of Fertilizers for Major and Micronutrients.
  • Analysis of Organic Manures, Composts etc.

Coverage : N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn, heavy metals, BOD, COD & microbial status

ISBN: 81-85116-55-5 (2017)
Price In India: Rs. 600
Outside India: US$60

Organic Recycling & Biofertilisation in South Asia

Edited by Dr.HLS Tandon

Summaries and salient findings of over 550 documents on various aspects of organic recycling, biofertilisation and IPNS in South Asia (covering Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) with detailed subject and author index.

Organic Recycling:

  • Various Composts (Rural, Urban, Vermicompost), Biogas Slurry.
  • Green Manures, Mulches and Various Recyclable Wastes.


  • Nitrogen-fixing and Phosphorus Solubilising Biofertilisers and Mycorrhizae
  • Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms, Compost Accelerators and Others.
ISBN: 81-85116-46-6 (2001)
Price In India: Rs. 350
Outside India: US$60

Human Factor in Soil and Fertilizer Development

-A Collection of Poems
by Dr. HLS Tandon

  • Technical and promotional knowledge.
  • Extension information.
  • Scientific behaviour and approach.
  • Mineral and organic.
  • Balance and efficiency.
ISBN: 81-85116-58-X(2008)
Price In India: Rs. 100
Outside India: US$25

Nutrient Uptake, Removal & Recycling by Crops

by Dr. HLS Tandon & Y Muralidharudu

Probably the first and only book of its kind devoted exclusively to nutrients asbsorbed, removed and recycled by various crops. Covers all major and Micronutrients. Crops covered: Cereals, millets, pulses, oilseeds, sugar crops, fibre crops, plantation crops, fruits, vegetables, spices, medicinal and aromatic plants, industrial crops, forest trees etc.

Must for all those interested in crop production and nutrition. Agronomy and market dev staff of the industry, Officers of the state departments of agriculture and horticulture students,teachers, researchers, soil-plant-fertiliser analysis labs consultants, KVKs, training centers, plantation managers.

ISBN: 81-85116-61-X (2017)
Price In India: Rs. 600
Outside India: US$60

Nutrient Management in Horticultural crops

by Dr. HLS Tandon & Dr. KN Tiwari (2008)

This revised and enlarged 3rd edition covers practical nutrient management aspects of about 100 horticultural crops(fruits, flowers and vegetables). Includes information on all major and micronutrients as also on various sources of plant nutrients such as fertilisers, organic & biofertrilisers.

Three background chapters on horticultural scenario, plant nutrients and their sources, and nutrient management in horticultural crops. State-wise and crop-wise practical recommendations on nutrients, their rates , times and methods of application to soils and plants. References, sources of further information and list of improved crop varieties.

ISBN: 81-85116-56-3(2008)
Price In India: Rs. 280
Outside India: US$50


A practically usable, research based, multi-faceted account of the subject by authors who can diagnose and treat soil health
Edited by Dr. HLS Tandon


  • Management of Soil Physical Health
  • Management of Soil Chemical Health: Fertility Aspects
  • Management of Soil Biological Health
  • Soil Health Management Under Rice-Wheat Cropping Systems
  • Soil Health Management in Rainfed-Dryland Areas:
  • Soil Health Management in Acid Soils
  • Environmental Aspects of Soil Health Management
  • Soil Health Management at Farm Level
ISBN: 81-85116-66-0 (2014)
Price In India: Rs. 600
Outside India: US$60

Biofertiliser Handbook

research -production-application (2012)

by Dr P Bhattacharyya & Dr HLS Tandon

Classification, Characteristics,Role & Mode of Action of Biofertilisers; Their Impact on Crops, Soils & Economics; Production Technology; Packaging, Labelling, Handling, Storage; Production,Consumption,Marketing; R&D Efforts, Quality Standards, Methods of Analysis, Methods of Application, Practical Recommendations; References; Self-test

Must for the producers and  marketers of biofertilisers, entrepreneurs planning to set up biofertiliser production units,  practitioners of INM and organic farming, microbiologists,    students, teachers, training centers, KVKs, rural developmeht agencies, NGOs,  farm advisors, staff of NFSM, NHM Soil health in the departments of agriculture/horticulture.

Price In India: Rs. 600
Outside India: US$60

Nitrogen Research and Crop Production

Edited by Dr. HLS Tandon

  • Nitrogenous fertilisers-characteristics, production and consumption.
  • Nitrogen in soils and transformations of fertiliser nitrogen.
  • Effects of nitrogen on yield and quality of field crops and horticulture crops.
  • Nitrogen management in dryland and irrigated cropping systems.
  • Comparative evaluation of nitrogenous fertilisers.
  • Management of fertiliser nitrogen for higher efficiency.
  • Integrated nitrogen management.
  • Interactions of nitrogen with other plant nutrients.
  • Environmental aspects of nitrogen used in agriculture.
ISBN: 81-85116-42-3 (1996)
Price In India: Rs. 300
Outside India: US$60

Fertiliser Management - balance- efficiency- profitablity

Edited by Dr. HLS Tandon


  • Introduction ad Scope
  • Plant Nutrients: Their Role, Uptake and Removal by Crops
  • Soils: Their Composition, Properties and Fertility Status
  • Fertilisers: Their Composition and Characteristics
  • Fertilisers: Their Transformation in Soils & Application Aspects
  • Formulation of Fertiliser Recommendations
  • Impact of Fertiliser Application on Crop Yields
  • Product Selection and Efficient Fertiliser Management
  • Economics of Fertiliser Use
  • Fertiliser Production and Consumption
  • Fertiliser Quality Aspects
  • Fertiliser Promotion, Marketing & Distribution
  • Fertiliser Calculations and Conversion Factors
  • References and Other Sources of Information
ISBN: 81-85116-67-9 (2012)
Price In India: Rs. 500
Outside India: US$60

Micronutrient Handbook

? from research to practical application             
by Dr. HLS Tandon (2013)

Updated edition with colour plates. Provides latest research-based practical information on all plant micronutrients (Boron, Chlorine, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Zinc) and their carriers( salts, chelates, multi-micronutrient formulations, quality standards)

  • Role in plants and deficiency/toxicity symptoms
  • Micronutrients in Soils (micronutrient wise sections)
  • Micronutrients in Crops (micronutrient wise sections)
  • Micronutrient Uptake and Removal by Crops
  • Multi-Micronutrient Scenario
  • Micronutrient Fertilisers, their characteristics & production
  • Practical Micronutrient Recommendations (statewise, cropwise)
  • Agro-Economic Management of Micronutrients
  • Research, Development and Quality Control Organisations
  • 10 References
  • Self test for students, extension officers and sales staff

Appendix: Fertiliser Specifications (updated as on February 2013)
Appendix:Approved Multi-micronutrient Mixtures
Suppliers Section
Color Plates on Micronutrient Deficiency Symptoms

ISBN: 81-85116-68-7(2013)
Price In India: Rs. 600
Outside India: US$60

Dictionary of Secondary and Micronutrients

by HLS Tandon

A practical dictionary defining the most important and commonly used terms (with examples) related to various aspects of micronutrients. Specially prepared for students, micronutrient manufacturers, marketing personnels, farm advisors, teachers, R&D centers, training institutions, agronomists, soil scientists, physiologists.


  • Micronutrients (Boron, Chlorine, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Zinc).
  • Generally non-essential but useful elements (Cobalt etc.).
  • Micronutrient fertilisers (salts, chelates, mixtures, solids, liquids).
  • Micronutrient trade related aspects.
  • Agronomy, soil, physiology and environment related terms.
  • Scientists proving the essentiality of different micronutrients.
  • Subject index
ISBN: 81-85116-48-2 (2002)
Price In India: Rs. 300
Outside India: US$60


SOIL TESTING for Balanced Fertilisation -Technology-application-problems-solutions

A practically usable, research based, multi-faceted account of soil
testing by authors with extended valuable experience in the subject

Edited by Dr. HLS Tandon


  • Introduction and Scope
  • Various Methodologies for Formulating   Soil Test-Based Fertiliser  Recommendations
  • GIS in Soil Fertility Evaluation for Making Fertiliser Recommendations
  • Soil Test Based Fertiliser Recommendations for Varying     Investment Capabilities
  • Soil and Plant Testing in Nutrient Management in Perennial Horticultural Crops
  • Soil Testing: Rejuvenating an Under-utilised Technology for Balanced Fertilisation
  • Government-Sponsored Programs and Initiatives for Strengthening Soil Testing
  • Soil Test Based Fertiliser Recommendations: - Experience in West Bengal
  • Soil Testing for Balanced and Efficient Fertiliser Use – Zuari's Experience  
  • Instruments in Soil Fertility Research and Soil Testing: Principles and Application

Must for all those who are interested in and engaged in soil testing (i) for making site specific fertilizer recommendations for different soils and crops for facilitating balanced and efficient fertilizer application and efficient nutrient use, (ii) for assessing soil chemical health (iii) for periodically monitoring changes in soil fertility, (iv) for diagnosis of soil constraints such as acidity, salinity, alkalinity, toxicities etc, (iv) for developing area-wise soil fertility maps..

ISBN: 81-85116-69-5 (2014)
Price In India: Rs. 600
Outside India: US$60