Welcome to the world of FDCO books on agriculture particularly on soil fertility management, agronomy, horticulture, fertilisers, organic and biofertilisers which are read wordwide.

These books come to you from Fertiliser Development and Consultation Organisation, a New-Delhi based private and independent consulting and publishing organisation founded in 1984 by Dr HLS Tandon, a soil scientist with 53 years experience in the line. Enjoy science. Love what you do, do what you love.

Soil Fertility, Fertilisers & INM
Price : Rs. 400 / US$60
Dictionary of Secondary and Micronutrients
Price : Rs. 300 / US$60
Nutrient Uptake....
Price : Rs. 600 / US$95
Soil Health Management
Price : Rs. 600 / US$95
Price : Rs. 500 / US$50
Micronutrient Handbook..
Price : Rs. 600 / US$60
Biofertiliser Handbook...
Price : Rs. 600 / US$60
Compost Handbook...
Price : Rs. 600 / US$60